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Glamuzina Earrings

Glamuzina is New Zealand's leading supplier of earrings , body piercing jewellery and Studex ear piercing systems. Glamuzina has been associated with Studex a California- based manufacture of studs and ear piercing instruments since the early 1970s.

Glamuzina own brands include:

-Glam sleepers

-Charm fashion earrings

-Euro hypoallergenic fashion earrings


Harvest Creations wheat bags

Harvest Creations are a proud member of Buy NZ Made. All their wheat bags are made using NZ quality wheat and NZ grown lavender. They have a wide variety of bright, colorful and fun fabrics suitable for all age groups. All wheat bags are 100% cotton and flame resistant . Each wheat bag comes with instructions on how to heat and use safely


The beauty collective 

At the Beauty Collective they have a passion for creating new ways of helping people feel beautiful every day. Their New Zealand based company designs and distributes some of the world's leading beauty and personal care products. They select and create brands that are playful, energetic and effective so people love to use them. The Beauty collective select out sustainable and ethically produced products because they want their customers to feel good on the inside as they look on the outside.

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