Long Term Condition (LTC) Services

We offer LTC services for patients who take multiple medicines for more than one chronic health condition, including:
reconciliation of prescriptions, to ensure your medication is always up to date
synchronisation of prescriptions to keep them aligned
the disposal of unused or expired medicine
regular contact with LTC pati...

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Clozapine Dispensing

Birkdale Pharmacy offers Clozapine dispensing as part of our professional pharmacy services. We are approved for Clozapine dispensing. Our pharmacists are fully aware of the Clozapine Protocol. As a requirement, we will need to check your blood tests prior dispensing the appropriate dose of Clozapine to you. Clozapine must be monitored regularly for potentially serious side effects and interactions. We work alongside the Mental Health Team to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate monitoring and that each dispensing is safe for the patient without interruption to their treatment.

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Aseptic Dispensing

Pharmacists at Birkdale Pharmacy are trained to dispense preparations in an aseptic environment. This is essential in the preparation of palliative care syringe drivers. We work alongside Hospice to provide medicines and advice for palliative care patients.

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Opioid substitution service

We liaise with the Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) to offer opioid substitution dispensing such as Methadone and Suboxone. Our pharmacists are trained to administer your dose accurately and safely on a daily basis and/or as takeaway doses depending on what was agreed upon with your doctor.

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Medicine Use Review

Do you struggle to keep track of which medicines to take throughout the day, and when to take them? We offer a medicine use review service, in which we use compliance packing to pack your medicines according to the directions of your doctor, which may help you to better manage your medicines. This free service takes you through a process of identifying ways to get the best benefit from your medication. One-on-one, either at Birkdale Pharmacy in privacy or at your home. This is a Waitemata DHB funded programme.


Ask us about our medicine use review service the next time you bring in a prescription, or prior to your next scheduled repeat.

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Medico Blister Packs

Do you find it hard to remember if you've taken your medicines?
Are you worried about a member of your family who may be finding it hard to keep track of what to take and when?
Do you find it hard to open pill bottles or read their labels?
Do you have children who need to take medication to school sometime...

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Hepatitis C Treatment

All our pharmacists are AbbVie care accredited which means that we can dispense your Maviret prescription to treat Hepatitis C.

MAVIRET is an 8-week hepatitis C treatment for adults with any of the 6 major types of hepatitis C who have not been treated for hepatitis C before and are without liver scarring (cirrhosis).
MAVIRET is a combination of two medicines, glecaprevir and pibrentasvir, that work together to stop the hep C virus from multiplying. MAVIRET belongs to a group of medicines called direct-acting antiviral agen...

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Blood pressure Monitoring

Regular blood pressure monitoring is recommended to reduce your risk of heart problems. Early detection of high blood pressure can limit damage to your heart and blood vessels, thus preventing more serious heart problems such as a heart attack. You can take advantage of our demonstration blood pressure machine and start monitoring your blood pressure for free today.


Drop-in service. Note: This service does not replace the advice of your doctor.

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Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Some eye infections can be treated by a pharmacist with specific training at Birkdale Pharmacy.
Conditions apply.

What are the types of conjunctivitis?
The three main types of conjunctivitis are defined by their causes, these are: allergic, v...

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Prescription Subsidy Cards

You may be eligible for a prescription subsidy card if you receive 20 or more prescription items within 12 months (1 February – 31 January). You can combine the number of prescriptions with members of your family, including your spouse and dependent children up to age 18.

A prescription subsidy card entitles you to receive funded medicines without paying the standard co-payment, after 20 prescription items have been collected.


Speak to one of our pharmacists today to see if you qualify for a Prescription Subsidy Card.

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Prescription Repeat Reminder Services

Life gets busy. So, we offer a service to remind you about your next prescription repeat. Simply register at the pharmacy or give us a call and let us know how you’d like to be reminded, either via email, text message or phone call. We’ll notify you prior to your next scheduled repeat date, allowing you peace of mind

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Medicine Disposal

Medicines must be disposed of correctly – so they don't end up in our waterways or in the wrong hands. If you have unused or expired medicines, your pharmacy has systems in place to take care of them for you. At Birkdale Pharmacy we will help you to dispose of them correctly. Medicines must be discarded safely and a number of drugs require a specific type of disposal. Give us a call and we can make sure that your medicines don’t end up in the wrong places. We encourage safe disposal of medications. You should return any expired, unwanted or unused medicines lying around at home to help reduce the chance that others may accidentally take or in...

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Scabies is an intensely itchy skin rash. It is caused by an allergic reaction
to a tiny insect (called a mite), which burrows under the skin surface.
Scabies is easily spread and will not go away without treatment.
Key points about scabies 
Scabies is spread through skin-to-skin contact with an infested person, or through shared bedding or cloth...

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